This group of dark patterns imposes additional purchases of goods or services on users without them initially noticing. For example, an additional object unintentionally ends up in the shopping cart and must be deliberately removed, otherwise, the item will be purchased.

Sneak into Basket

The Sneak into Basket pattern places an additional, unwanted object in the shopping cart. If the user does not consciously remove the product, the item will be unintentionally ordered. In this example, the gift card was not selected during the ordering process, yet it ends up in the shopping cart.

Hidden Subscription


The Hidden Subscription Pattern automatically adds a subscription to a single purchase (and makes it difficult to cancel the latter). In this case, the order of a single notebook is desired, but instead, a subscription of a monthly delivery is automatically added.

Hidden Cost

The Hidden Cost pattern reveals additional costs (e.g. for certain payment methods, shipping, or additional taxes) only in the last ordering step.

In the example, the prices are shown without taxes and service fees. It indices the impression that the flight costs a total of 95,44 €. In fact, the price with the additional costs is 149, 38 €.