This group of dark patterns aims to build pressure. Users are repeatedly asked to act, they are confronted with (alleged) social norms or an (alleged) scarcity of goods. They see themselves under pressure to perform or refrain from performing a certain action.

Roach Motel

Roach Motel patterns tempt the user to step inside, but it is very difficult to get out. Registering for, or subscribing to a service is much easier than canceling it.

In this example, a subscription can simply be ordered online, but can only be canceled by telephone.

Price Comparison Prevention

Price Comparison Prevention dark patterns hamper price comparisons by providing information that is difficult to compare, e.g. by using different quantities, product names, or currencies.

The website in this example indicated prices for some apples per kilogram and for others apples per piece, so that effective price comparison becomes impossible. Sometimes prices are indicated in different currency, which complicates the price comparison for users.




The Preselection dark pattern makes an (alterable) preselection between various options.

Here, the recurring delivery (the "savings subscription") is already preselected instead of the one-time order.

Click Fatigue

The Click-Fatigue pattern creates different lengths of click paths to different options in order to prompt users to choose the “simple” path.

In the example, all cookies can be accepted immediately. A restriction to the necessary cookies, however, can only be achieved with several clicks.

Hidden Information


Das Hidden Information-Dark Pattern hält relevante Informationen versteckt oder nur schwer verfügbar. So wird Text z.B. verkleinert, an den Rändern platziert oder ausgegraut. Informationen sind teilweise auch in komplexen und unübersichtlichen Untermenü-Strukturen versteckt.

In diesem Beispiel ist die Information, dass die Reise auch ohne Versicherungsschutz gebucht werden kann, innerhalb der Länderauswahl schwer auffindbar und damit versteckt.